IKI Design Firm

クリエイティブディレクター谷 俵太主宰のデザインファーム。

書動家 俵越山自身がセルフブランディングした越前屋俵太などを中心に映像作家・お面造形師・グラフィックデザイナー・伝統工芸師・街の人・動物など、各プロジェクト毎に、チーム編成で動くなど、地域デザインから、店舗デザイン、マネージメント業務、広告に関わるデザインなど活動の幅は多岐にわたる。

Creative Director Tani Hyota introduction:

Tani is a hyperactive creative director with many hats.
Active as Shodoka Etsuzan, he runs a film producing company dedicated the promotion of Echizenya Hyota, he is also a master in the art of mask crafting, a creative director, and a master in traditional crafts.
He involves people from the street, animals, etc,…
For each project he will take care of team organization, he will uses local designs and designs stores.

He is also running a management business and operates a broad range of activities related to advertising.

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